Off the Beaten Path


The NaturArte Project, inspired by Barcelona's Park Güell, is transforming Praiano in an extraordinary open air museum. Eight artists were asked to draw inspiration from local traditions to revitalize the tradition of street art typical of the old shrines
Hiking High Above the Sea Along the Path of the Gods
The Sentiero degli Dei, the indisputable highlight of walking in the Amalfi Coast
Beach Report
Swimming on the Amalfi Coast
All the beaches you can go to between Amalfi and Positano
Food & Drinks
Tomatoes as Sweet as Candy
In Praiano local biodiversity evolved vertically and lead to very characteristic products
A Unique Mix of Art and Nature, Tradition and Innovation
The NaturArte Project, inspired by Barcelona's Park Güell, gives tourists a new reason to come to Praiano
Pasquale, the Local Musician & Luthier
Having learned the craft from his father, he has been building instruments for decades
Movie Set
The Most Spectacular Natural Set in the World
For decades Praiano has been used as a set for movies, TV programs & commercials