Brazilian artist Paulo Ito, famous for his irreverence and social criticism, left his mark on a Praiano wall
The Art of Singing and Singing for the Art
Neapolitan folk singer Eugenio Bennato inaugurated NaturArte, a project that wants to transform Praiano in an open-air museum
A Night of Lights and Fires in Praiano
Music and performances in a set that has no equals in the world
Where to Eat
Eating on the Amalfi Coast: A Galleon on a Mountain
At Il Pirata you can eat while at sitting the stern of a ship
Our Pick on the Amalfi Coast
Listen to what tourists had to say about the best place you can stay for "Amalficoasting"
Pasquale, the Local Musician & Luthier
Having learned the craft from his father, he has been building instruments for decades