Having learned the craft from his father, he has been building instruments for decades
Giovanni the Historian Who Takes Pictures
A self-taught local historian who for years conducted research on local history and traditions
Paolo Sandulli, the Artist in the Tower
An ancient watchtower is used as a studio for paintings and ceramic sculptures
Antonio, Domenico and Their Fishing Past
Their stories about the old fishing days bridge the gap between the present and the past
Where to Eat
Eating on the Amalfi Coast: A Galleon on a Mountain
At Il Pirata you can eat while at sitting the stern of a ship
Our Pick on the Amalfi Coast
Listen to what tourists had to say about the best place you can stay for "Amalficoasting"
From the heart of Brazil to the Center of the Amalfi Coast, Art Travels
Brazilian artist Paulo Ito, famous for his irreverence and social criticism, left his mark on a Praiano wall