Where to Eat On the Amalfi Coast: Amalfi and Atrani

Local gourmand and restaurant owner Baldassare Fiorentino gives his suggestions

By Baldassarre Fiorentino*

Beginning in the fifties the Amalfi Coast has offered a local version of the classic "Mediterranean cuisine", focused on simplicity and flavor as well as excellent quality.

Of the many historical restaurants in Amalfi, I would like to suggest Lido Azzurro at the seaport.

In addition to a great selection of locally-caught fish and seafood, it has a wonderful terrace overlooking the harbor and an ambitious wine list with many prestigious labels.

In the center of town, in the main square, you will find the renowned restaurant, da Gemma, which still lives up to its reputation.

It is in an excellent location, with a terrace overlooking the promenade of the old town and has a great, young sommelier who was recognized as an “up & coming” member by the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS).

In Atrani, the small town just a few hundred yards south of Amalfi, I suggest La Paranza, which unfortunately does not have an equally cheery location (in a historic building but without any view). However the lack of view is compensated by the quality of its food. It is particularly well known for its fried dishes, both fish and vegetables.

* Baldassarre Fiorentino was manager of a restaurant in Positano and one in the province of Trento and, until 2013, has been owner/manager of one of the highest-rated restaurants in Praiano. He is also a sommelier and producer of quality wines. 

The Amalfi Coast’s most well-known towns are Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, three jewels, each with its own unique character and beauty and all world renowned. But at the heart of the Costiera is a fourth jewel, Praiano, a less hectic and more authentic town, where many discerning tourists have begun to stay, using it as a base for their Amalfi Coasting. Try Praiano, trust us!

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