Amalfi's own Mao

Late Francesco Mangieri, known as Mao, trained on wood and became known for his sculpted stones

By Rino Mangieri

Late Francesco Mangieri, also known as Mao, was born in 1935 from a relatively poor family.

His father wanted him to learn a trade and sent him to work as a carpenter's apprentice. He quickly became an excellent carpenter, but also became fascinated by the art of wood carving.

In 1990, a friend suggested that he start carving stones too. He had never done that, but decided to give it a try. This was how his artistic side really came to light.

He was noticed by art critics, who encouraged him to continue, and his first important exhibit was in 1997/98 in the ancient arsenals of the Republic of Amalfi. It was a huge hit, with thousands of visitors.

Mao never wanted to sell his works to private collectors. He wanted to have his art available to everyone. That is why the NaturArte Project in Praiano was a perfect fit for his work.

Mao was very much a street artist, in the broadest sense. The subjects represented by the sculptures are satyrs but also the characters inspired by the ancient history of Amalfi.



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