Ceramics in Positano: Keeping Alive a Family Tradition

Ceramiche Casola is now famous around the world for its unique ceramic pieces

By Luca Casola

Today’s Ceramiche Casola was born thanks to our grandfather Francesco Casola, who started to supply material to construction companies in the 1920s. Over time the original company experienced many changes. When Francesco passed away, our father Agnello and his brothers took over the business. Fond of ceramic art, Agnello took the company in a new direction, away from construction and toward terracotta. Our father later decided to dissolve the company with his brothers. He then turned to pottery and established Ceramiche Casola, a company that would go on to produce custom-made artistic ceramics. Having inherited his the passion and gained from his experience, we his four sons - Francesco, Luca, Luigi and Vito - continue the family business today. With our artists, we conceived and created patterns that are unique, and over time the Casola workshop became famous around the world for our hand-made, high quality, distinctive pieces.

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