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Brazilian artist Paulo Ito, famous for his irreverence and social criticism, left his mark on a Praiano wall

By Amalfi Coasting

Struck by the idea of our an “open-sea museum”, after learning of the "Praiano Naturarte" Project, Brazilian artist Paulo Ito decided to leave his mark on a wall of Praiano.

Born in 1978 to a Japanese father and an Italian mother, Paulo lives and works in São Paulo. His technical skills are as strong as is the political message he conveys through them. He has become know for tackling pressing social issues through art in order to make them accessible to all.

After just two days on the Amalfi Coast, he used his sharp criticism and sense or irony to confront the hot topic of the moment: the recent decision by Positano to allow large cruise-ships to drop anchor in the local harbor.

Ito painted a wall on the terrace of the Infopoint, a structure to which the members of the Praiano Youth Forum are trying to give new life.

The work was donated to the Forum by Ito, while his expenses were paid for by a local businessman and by the association Agenda Praiano.

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