Homeric figures and local landscape

Fausto Lubelli's tribute to local culture and mythology

By Fausto Lubelli

Artist Fausto Lubelli in his own words


I started my artistic career as an engraver, and for many years I focused on that technique.

Then I moved to ceramics, a medium that somehow, unlike painting, makes me feel much freer. This is probably because I feel that with ceramics there isn’t a precise set of standards. I feel that with ceramics I can be more spontaneous, even childish at times, but certainly more true to myself.

NaturaArte Project

I produced 16 large ceramic panels with hollow tiles and iron frames designed as a contemporary somewhat "pagan" re-interpretation of the ancient religious shrines so common in Praiano.

I wanted to connect sacred and profane, classical and contemporary in a tribute to local culture and mythology that would also would express my love for the Odyssey.

In each panel I have tried to represent both my appreciation for the wonderful local landscape and my love for mythology.

One of my sources of inspiration was the mythological figure of the siren, while the panel with the dome of the church of San Luca gave me the opportunity to mix the religious with the mythological, with mermaids and sea monsters.

Praiano is such an extraordinary place, where stone walls blend perfectly with the sea and mountains. It is so naturally in harmony that it is hard to add a foreign element without running the risk of ruining that natural perfection.

For this reason I chose to take my inspiration from an artistic component that had been gently added to the local architecture in the 18th and 19th century - the majolica shrines.

In my own version, I wanted to mix our modern sensibility with the local religious faith and folk mythology.



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