The Churches & Shrines of Praiano

An interactive map with all the churches and shrines in town

By Amalfi Coasting

Praiano has nine churches and 14 "shrines" made of majolica tiles or painted plaster scattered throughout town. These were built to protect the houses and those who lived in them.

Find here all the churches and shrines.

By placing the cursor on the small icon on the top rightside of the map, you can SELECT the category - Church, Shrine - and see the locations only of churches or the shrines.

Amalfi Coasting is a “pet project” of a community organization started in the town of Praiano in 2013. We developed this web site as a tool to invite people from all over the world to get to know our town, discover its "secrets" and embrace it not just as a great tourist destination but also as a community, with its people, its traditions and all of its offerings.

A Convent in Paradise

In the XVI century, Dominican monks moved from Naples to build a convent high above the sea, on the side of a mountain, with a great view of Positano and Capri

Bringing Back to Life Frescoes from the 15th and 16th centuries

The NaturArte Project included the restoration of the frescoes in the Dominican convent of Santa Maria a Castro, above Praiano

The Shrines of Praiano

Scattered all over town, they were built to protect the local population

The History of Praiano Through Giovanni's Pictures and Music

For decades local historian Giovanni Scala has been collecting old family pictures

Praiano, the Fourth Jewel of the Amalfi Coast

Roberto Pontecorvo, a young filmaker from Praiano, will guide through town

History of Praiano

For a healthy life, morning hours must be spent in Vettica and evenings in Praiano

Praiano Through the Eyes of a Camera

Walking around town, Jan Cunningham photographed everything – small boats tethered off the bay, nets drying on shore, a lone orange umbrella

Praiano Never Ceases to Fascinate

What looms large in the horizon is the Tyrrhenian Sea