No Cigarette Butts in Praiano

Our association joined a national campaign to keep cigarette butts out of our beaches

By Amalfi Coasting

On August 2nd and 3rd, 2014, the beach concessions and boat rentals of Praiano participated in an environmental protection campaign promoted by the Italian maritime environmental NGO Marevivo.

In Praiano the campaign against throwing cigarette butts on the beach or at sea, was promoted by the local association Agenda Praiano, which coordinated the distribution of 400 reusable ashtrays on the two local beaches: the Praia and the Gavitella.

The goal was twofold: encouraging marine environment protection by the local population and demonstrating to tourists, especially foreign ones, that even in a small town in Southern Italy such as Praiano there are people who care about marine pollution and are active in fighting it.

The initiative was implemented and supported by beach concessions Sibilla, One Fire, Il Pirata, Alfonso sea, and boat rentals La Boa and Charter Plaghia.

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