Pasquale, the Local Musician & Luthier

Having learned the craft from his father, he has been building instruments for decades

By Amalfi Coasting

Pasquale Scala, the local luthier, has been building musical instruments since the forties. He learned the craft as a young boy while working the workshop of his father Raffaele, a cabinet-maker and musician.

His passion for lute-making started in the 1940s when there were many musicians and two musical groups in Praiano.

Today he is an established lute-maker known both in Italy and abroad. His most famous clients include Pino Daniele and Angelo Branduardi and the Austrian violinist Cristine Pluvar.

As well as classic guitars, he also makes small guitars and, using originals as models, medieval, Renaissance and Baroque instruments.

The ancient notes of barrel organs, rebecks and psalteries hover in the air when his musician friends come to visit and cannot resist the urge to try the beautiful instruments.

The instruments are enriched with wood and mother-of-pearl inlay that Scala himself creates for his works of art. He is helped by his son Leonardo, who shares his father's passion.

In his workshop time seems to have stopped. There are mandolins typical of the Amalfi Coast but also reproductions of rare instruments with the most extravagant mother of pearl inlays.

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