Patrizia's Masks

With her ceramic masks Patrizia Marchi prepares people for a journey to Paradise

By Patrizia Marchi

Artist Patrizia Marchi in her own words 


I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, where I was drawn in particular to oil painting. Later in my life I moved to Praiano, in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, where my son and my daughter were born. In that period I became interested in ceramic art as it was a traditional art form in the area.

In terms of subjects, I worked on sirens, but I was particularly interested in experimenting with colors and different kinds of glazes, both glossy and a less glossy ones. Later I started focusing on small clay figures, working on different forms and shapes.

NaturArte Project

When I was first asked to work on this project, I was very happy because lived in Praiano for many years and could leave something of myself to the town where both of my children were born. But I was also a bit scared, because like the rest of the Amalfi Coast, Praiano is a very special place, with its own soul and incredible beauty. So I knew that any artistic intervention would be quite challenging.

For the itinerary on via Croce, I chose to produce different kinds of ceramic masks. I perceive the masks as archetypes, which refer to something universal.

I would like my masks to reproduce the spirit of the place, in both its human and natural elements.

Via Croce is where the urban landscape ends and nature takes over with the long wooden path that leads to the Dominican convent. My work prepares people to that journey toward the so-called Path of the Gods, up in the mountains above Praiano and Positano.

For example, I made a woman with an incorporated owl.



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