Praiano M'Arte

By Amalfi Coasting

On 28 and 29 April 2017, the Department of Architecture of the Federico II University (Naples) and Agenda Praiano will inaugurate Praiano M’Arte, a permanent laboratory for recovery and maintenance of built enviroment.
The Call is open to postdocs and PhD students for participating in interdisciplinary working groups.
Submit your proposal, outlining your specific contribution to laboratory topics and activities (max 300 words) and including a short biography (max 150 words).

Official languages: Italian and English
Submission deadline: 10 April 2017

Praiano is is a town of about 2,000 inhabitants located in the Costiera Amalfitana, «an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape, with exceptional cultural and natural scenic values resulting from its dramatic topography and historical evolution».

Three years ago, Praiano started at empowering local community through art and culture, reviving old customs. In the past, artists – painters, photographers, ceramists, directors, actors – used to live in Praiano for long periods of time, staying in close contact with locals. It helped fuel the material culture, enhancing local creativity and ability to relate both to people and place.

The idea of re-place art at the centre of the development process is linked to the foundation of a not-for-profit association, called Agenda Praiano. Its first project Naturarte, concluded in 2016, has created a sort of open-air museum with the installation of about 150 sculptures and ceramic works, created by the major artists of the area and distributed along the main pedestrian paths. The project run by a crowdfunding initiative of local community and by regional funds.
Driven by a sense of civic responsibility and supported by the Municipality as well, the activities of Agenda Praiano aim at boosting the local economy.

Our challenge is to strengthen this social empowerment process and to make it long-lasting.
With this aim, the Praiano M’Arte lab experiences an approach to maintenance and recovery of built environment intended as a cultural project. Through the management of the transition processes and the integration of skills, knowledges, needs, values, visions of the different actors involved, the project brings economic, social and environmental impacts, that in turn are capable of circularizing relations between man, community and place, and activating a circular economy, which are alternative to traditional ones.
The analysis of community needs, the knowledge of the dynamics of change, the recognition of local and universal values of landscape, the identification of the resources for maintaining and to recovering built environment, the comparison of alternative solutions, the evaluation and monitoring of multidimensional impacts at different stages of the project, the exchange with similar development experiences will be the topics of M’Arte lab.

Through an interdisciplinary and systemic approach, which recognizes the landscape as a complex indicator of social, economic and cultural dynamics, participants will be asked to recognize, confront and rethink the actions on built environment aimed at building new cultural and social values.

Outcome of the conference will be a permanent laboratory for recovery and maintenance of built environment, aimed at creating physical and cultural conditions for a creative milieu. To this end, the laboratory urges and promotes the interaction between different actors in building a shared vision of future scenarios and it recognizes the role of art as a driver of development able to give quality to material culture and to promote exchanges among participants, rebuilding the community. The artists will be involved in the project since the initial stages and will join designers and stakeholders in order to propose an unconventional vision of landscape and recovering the creativity of community.
The outputs of the conference (sketches, graphics, text reports) will form a shared working base in order to draw up recovery and maintenance scenarios for the built environment, to be developed within three months.

More information will be available on facebook page Praiano M’Arte


Please send your proposal (max 300 words) outlining your specific contribution to laboratory topics and activities (max 300 words) and including a short biography (max 150 words), before 10 April 2017, to:

You will receive a notification of acceptance by 19 April 2017.
Official languages of the Conference are Italian and English.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer financial support for travel or accommodation expenses. Discounted accommodation rates for participants will be available.

For any conference-related inquiry, please write to praianomarte.lab@gmail.com .

Organizing Secretary: Anna Onesti, Roberto Pontecorvo, Katia Fabbricatti, Paolo Franco Biancamano, Martina Bosone, Alessandra Passaretti.