Sorrento According to the Guidebooks

Read what the most popular guidebooks say about the town in front of Mt. Vesuvius

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Lonely Planet says that, "an unashamed resort, Sorrento is still a civilized old town. Even the souvenirs are a cut above the norm, with plenty of fine old shops selling ceramics, lacework and intarsio (marquetry items) – famously produced here. The main drawback is the lack of a proper beach; the town straddles the cliffs overlooking the water to Naples and Mt Vesuvius."

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Frommer's writes that "Sorrento has been the preferred destination of kings and emperors for millenia: Emperor Augustus and his successor, Tiberius, were two of its early devotees. In later years, the town became a preferred destination for artists and writers, and a favorite stop on the Grand Tour. These days, the tourism is a little less exclusive, but although the presence of crowds may dull some of its magic at times, Sorrento's charming cobblestone streets, matchless views, seaside setting, and lively cultural scene keep getting our high votes".

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According to Michelin, "Sorrento is a town full of hotels, villas and gardens in bloom, surrounded by orange and lemon groves. It enjoys a magnificent location overlooking the Gulf of Naples, just a short distance from the enchanting island of Capri. As well as being a popular holiday resort, it is renowned for its wooden marquetry objects, and as the birthplace of Tasso, who wrote the epic poem Jerusalem Delivered.

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About.com says that, "Sorrento is perched upon on a tufa ridge about 13 miles south of Napoli, on the southern side of the Gulf of Naples. Sorrento offers a mild and temperate climate. The best time to visit for hot weather and sea life lovers is from May to September."

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Capri and Sorrento are very popular resort towns but also very, very busy. Nearby, though, right in the heart of the beautiful Amalfi Coast, is a small jewel, Praiano, less hectic and more authentic than Positano or Amalfi. Praiano has a spectacular natural setting, and many discerning tourists have decided to stay there, and use it as a base for their Amalfi Coasting. Try Praiano, trust us!

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