Swimming on the Amalfi Coast

All the beaches you can go to between Amalfi and Positano

By Amalfi Coasting


LA GAVITELLA La Gavitella is the main beach on the Vettica side of town. It is the only beach on the Amalfi Coast that has the sun until it sets. It is therefore loved by local people and tourists alike for its spectacular sunsets (and its beautiful view of Positano). Next to the 30 yards or so of the pebble beach, there two cement platforms with beach chairs and umbrellas.

How to get there: Exit the piazza of the church of San Gennaro and follow the signs for the “Spiaggia”, or the beach. It is an easy walk for a while until one gets closer to the beach and has to go either up or down a great number of steps. If you do not like steps or are unable to take them, you can drive to the beach on the other side of town, the Praia (and park for 3 euro/hr.), or take the local bus, which leaves passengers off at the top of a steep road down to the beach. From La Praia one can take the boat from the “One Fire” to the Gavitella. “One Fire” is a beach concession with umbrellas and chairs on a cement platform. The boat ride back and forth is free but you will have to rent umbrellas and chairs. To be sure the boat can come and pick you up, call the “One Fire” concession at 089 813039 to set it up.

Public Transportation: SITA and local buses to San Gennaro Square.

Facilities: Bar and beach concessions.

LA PRAIA A small beach at the bottom of a beautiful fiord, La Praia is the historic sea port of Praiano. From the pueblo beach, you can take a beautiful stroll along the path carved along the mountain that runs around the small promontory on which the ancient watchtower still stands.

How to get there: You can go by car or local bus. The last stop of the Praiano local bus in the direction of Amalfi is La Praia. It will leave you on the main road and you will have to walk down a steep decline to the beach, two beach concessions and three restaurants.

Public Transportation: SITA and local buses.

Facilities: Bar, restaurants and beach concessions.

LE PRAIE/IL TRITONE Located about 250 meters north from Gavitella, Le Praie is arguably the most beautiful beach in Praiano. The huge rock cliffs lined with pine trees create a stunning backdrop. About 50 yards long, the beach faces south-west and therefore has direct sunlight from 11 am until the evening. We recommend that you do not stand under the cliff as there is a danger of falling rocks.

How to get there: Only from the sea.

Public transportation: None.

Facilities: None.


LE MARINELLE Le Marinelle (close to Amalfi), with its rocks that emerge from the water and the lemon groves on the cliff overlooking the sea is one of the most beautiful in the area. There is no access from the road above (only two private villas has access to the beach) and no beach facilities, which makes this beach usually very quiet and sometimes deserted.

How to get there: Only from the sea by renting a boat or organizing a boat to take you there and pick you up later.

Public transportation: None

Facilities: None

LA VITE Located after the watchtower of Vettica Maggiore, la Vite is the last beach of the town of Amalfi, right under the Hotel Il Saraceno. The beach is about hundred yards long and facing South-East has direct sun light until the early afternoon. The Capo di Conca promontory protects it from the breeze blowing from the west.

How to get there: A descending path of about 450 steps starts from the main road (you need to go over a small protective wall) near the Hotel Il Saraceno at the Km 26.7 sign.

Public transportation: SITA bus.

Facilities: Restaurant, bar and beach concession.

MARINA DI CONCA Marina di Conca is one of the most suggestive beaches of the Amalfi Coast. It is connected to the main road by a narrow side street that runs through the ancient fishing village. Facing east, the beach loses sunlight in the early afternoon, but it is protected from the wind of the west thanks to the promontory of Capo di Conca.

How to get there: The descent to the beach is marked by a sign that says "Via Marina" on the main road right next to the Hotel Belvedere and passes through arches and narrow streets of the seaside village.

Public transportion: SITA bus

Facilities: Three restaurants, a bar and a beach concession.

FURORE First you may want to admire the old fishing village tucked into the mountain from the overpass above. The small homes, called monazzeni, were built in the 1800s by the local fishermen while the valley itself was carved over the centuries by a stream called Schiato. The beach, about 25 yards long, faces southwest and therefore not touched by direct sun light until about 3 in the afternoon.

How to get there: The steps that lead to the beach starts from the beginning of the overpass (on the north side).

Public transportation: SITA bus

Facilities: Bar/restaurant.

MARINELLA DELLA MADONNINA The Marinella della Madonnina is a beach with very small pebbles beach about a quarter of a mile from Furore and 400 yards from Marina of Praia. The name comes from a pinnacle of rock above that, from a certain perspective, recalls the shape of a Madonna and child. The beach faces south, so it has direct sunlight until about 4 in the afternoon.

How to get there: Only from the sea.

Public transportation: SITA or the local Praiano bus to Marina of Praia and then a boat-taxi to the beach.

Facilities: None


LAURITO The beach, which technically belongs to the town of Positano, is about 50 meters long, right below the San Pietro Hotel. The south-west exposure gives it sunlight until the evening. The small section at the end beach, toward Positano, has no concession and is therefore free to the public.

How to get there: There are two descending paths through the woods that lead to the beach. The first one begins at the Laurito bus stop at Km 17.8 and is a 650 steps descent down to the beach. The second walking route is somewhat shorter and starts from the San Pietro Hotel Parking Lot. Boat: each concession/trattoria has a boat which only arrives and departs from the main beach in Positano. The boats are free, but one must either eat or rent chairs/umbrellas at the specific concession on whose boat s/he came.

Public transportation: SITA and local Praiano buses.

Facilities: Restaurants (read our review of the restaurant da Adolfo), hotel and 2 beach concessions.

ARIENZO Arienzo is a beach of Positano, and coming from Praiano, it is the beach closest to the town of Positano. According to a local legend, it took the name of a freed slave who had built the mill that supplied bread and grain to Emperor Tiberius (who lived at a certain point in Capri). Arienzo is also the name of an ancient local family that owned the mill built above the beach (which remained active until the end of the 19th Century). Almost 90-yards long, the beach faces South-West and therefore has direct sunlight for most of the day.

How to get there: The descending path of 269 steps, mostly in the shade, starts from the main road above.

Public transportation : SITA or local Praiano buses.

Facilities: Bar, restaurant and beach concession. (Half of the beach is free to the public and has no chairs or umbrellas).


The Grotta is a sea cave about a 15 minute drive south of Praiano. It is lit by an eerie natural light.



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