Lucio and his Anchovies

All the elements are made by Lucio Liguori in glazed and painted ceramics

By Lucio Liguori

Artist Lucio Liguori in his own words


My town, Vietri sul Mare, historically has always been a center for ceramics. I started working with that medium as a boy, and I soon developed a passion for it. At 12, when I was in seventh grade, I remember going to school in the morning and working in a ceramic workshop in the afternoon.

I started making traditional pottery and then slowly I tried to find my own style, even my own way to make ceramics.

I have always been inspired by the Amalfi Coast and the sea. My favorite subjects are marine life, and lately I have been particularly drawn to anchovies.

NaturArte Project

I thought of introducing elements of the sea, such as these swimming tunas, because Praiano is known as a transit point for tuna, rr squid, which also abound here. And I represented them through these ceramic sculptures that I installed along the walkway to the sea.

I also made panels with scenes of ancient fishing life in Praiano, which are done in a naive style.

Finally I'm making 12 large vases with the 12 zodiac signs, in celebration of the great celestial space above Praiano.

The Amalfi Coast in general is beautiful, but from Praiano there is an incredible open view in front of you. You see the islets of Li Galli, Punta Campanella.

Space in Praiano, even celestial space, is of a different dimension. It made me think of the different constellations, which inspired me for these 12 vases.

Compared to the rest of the Costiera, Praiano has an additional element, something more magical.



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